The Struggle for Energy Democracy in the Maghreb


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The European Union and its member states claim that its international
relations are guided by values and principles based on democracy
and human rights. Countless projects are financed and implemented
in this regard. Actual politics speak another language though. The
“security interests” of the European Union demand collaboration with
undemocratic rulers within societies that prohibit possibilities for free
political participation. The governments of such societies are in a bind:
required to function in spite of high foreign debt and the repercussions
of the conditions enforced by International Financial Institutions,
sovereign planning and development are made impossible. In Tunisia,
for example, the annual amount for public debt servicing is currently
higher than the budgets for education and health combined. The
situation of big parts of North African populations is dire and those
who (are forced to) migrate to other counties represent just one type
of impact.
Europe’s hunger for energy is no exception in this context, and this
brochure, authored by Hamza Hamouchene, serves as an introduction
to this topic. Hamouchene’s text outlines the blatant disregard for the
will of the people in areas of Morocco, Algeria and Tunisia that are
subject to the production of energy for Europe. The brochure also
serves as an introduction for climate activists to these North African
countries, providing an overview of the region’s popular struggles for
climate justice.

Read the whole PDF Here:  Hamza study book ENG web

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